Little Forces and the Water Rescue Fun Facts

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Little Forces Mission Planning on the sand


When a team has a mission, they always make sure to have an accurate illustration of the problem that needs to be solved. They draw out several plans before deciding on the final plan. They then explain to each other what their responsibilities will be during the mission. This helps them remember all team members roles and responsibilities. 




Braxton under canopy looking watching as Nolan sinks under water


On missions, teams will use code words like “Visual” in order to make sure that everyone knows that they have the good guys in sight. This is a way to ensure very clear communication between the different team members. 





The quadcopter is hovering, Braxton shouts "Jumper Away" 

When a team is on a parachute mission, the radio operator will call over the radio and say “Jumpers Away” to let everyone know that jumpers have left the airplane. The Jumpers will fall and then pull their cords in order to open their parachutes and land safely in the water or on land.





Braxton Holds his mask and enters the water feet first

When a jumper enters the water with a mask and snorkel they usually have cool gear strapped to their waist with a belt. The Right hand holds the mask and snorkel in place so that they don’t lose them while the left hand holds the belt in place. This allows the team to immediately accomplish the mission without having to adjust their gear.





Braxton Makes an "O" to signal Him and Nolan are OK


When a scuba-diver comes back to the surface after being under water, they should let everyone know they are ok. If they are far away from other people, the diver will use two arms over the head and make an “O.” This lets people that far away see that the diver is ok.

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