Little Forces and The Haunted House Fun Facts

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Little Forces planning their mission under a poncho


When planning a mission in the forest or bushes, teams will cover their position with a poncho liner or another type of covering. This helps keep the light from shining too bright and giving away the teams position.






Porter shining flashlight on the map to setup a rally point


During mission planning, teams will set up a rally point for everyone to meet at. They do this in order to make sure everyone knows where they need to meet after their task is complete. Sometimes the rally point will be used if someone gets lost so that the team knows where to find the lost team member.




Eli flying his drone into the basement

Teams use small surveillance drones in order to search the area. Drones use their cameras to help look for anything that may cause harm to the team. Sometimes they will help find our friends as well.







Porter dropping a chem light into a dark hole

Glow sticks are also called Chemical Lights. This is due to the chemical reaction that takes place after the glow stick is "cracked". The reaction causes the reaction to create light. Teams use glow sticks in order to mark their positions or show that an area has been searched.




Infrared setting on Eli's Drone

The inferred setting on the drone can help detect people and animals in the dark. This is very helpful when Searching for spooky ghosts!