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 Little Forces and the Stolen Bike

Watch the Little Forces team up to solve their first mission! A group of young boys work together in order to help a little girl recover her stolen bike. Watch as the team plans and conducts their mission using the latest technology.

Little Forces and the Water Rescue 

The Little Forces are at it again! This time they have the help of Braxton and the Baby S.E.A.L.S. Nolan does not listen to his mother and floats far into the lake. The situation turns dire when his raft is punctured by his fishing rod. The Little Forces and baby S.E.A.L.S must act fast in order to save Nolan!


Little Forces and the Haunted House 

Kaliegh's friend goes missing in a very spooky haunted house! The little forces are walking by when they hear their friend cry for help! Eli uses the infra-red camera mode on his drone to help the team see at night! Can the Little Forces find their missing friend?