Little Forces

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About The Authors

Preston and Brock Rice are twin brothers born October 21, 1981, in Spokane Washington. In 1984 their family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon their High School graduation in 2000, the brothers, who have always had a passion in various activities together decided they would both enlist in the United States Air Force, proudly following in the footsteps of family members including their Father (USN) Grandfathers (USAF), Uncle (USAF) and Great Grandfather, Maj. General Robert H. Soule (US ARMY).

On their 33rd birthday together, the brothers created the concept for the Little Forces. As the idea grew, Preston and Brock decided it was a great project to introduce. The project also opened the opportunity for the brothers to memorialize some of their friends in the Special Operations community that they have lost during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. These books are about paying tribute to the families of the Special Operations community by including characters in the stories named after some of their children as well as Brock and Preston’s own children.

The Little Forces series was developed in collaboration with family members in order to present a message of kindness, creativity, compassion and teamwork. The theme articulated in each book is “Good Dudes, Good Deeds.” The Little Forces is a group of children using creative play to restore integrity and honesty within their neighborhood when problems arise. The Little Forces utilizes teamwork, technology and some fun military terminology in order to accomplish their “missions.” The book series also promotes outdoor activity. Most importantly, we hope they are fun for both the children and the parents to read together!

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